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         Making Learning
             a Pleasure...

  • Effective business writing and correct language usage are our only focus.

  • We have maintained our fine reputation for nearly a half century.

  • Our uniquely motivating approach simplifies writing all forms of written business communication.

  • There is no grammatical terminology used in our approach to correct usage.

  • Our materials are continually updated.

  • We have the most reasonable pricing of the national writing skills firms.

  • We come to you to present our programs at your site and have no public seminars.

  • All of our programs are instructor lead, and we do not offer on-line or virtual training.

  • We have a money-back assurance of satisfaction.

Anyone who writes email, memos, letters, or reports will benefit from our seminars.   Executives, managers, engineers, administrative assistants, auditors, attorneys, accountants--among others--have successfully completed our seminars and expressed praise and appreciation of them.  For those who want to know their written documents are free of errors...

Our Seminars

We are specialists who offer these carefully designed written communication programs: 

  • Real World Grammar Skills, a dynamic, nonthreatening approach to grammar. 
  • Write On!, a hands-on, immediately useful and applicable  business writing 

More details of the two curricula can be seen on the "programs" page....

Our Prices

We believe the most effective teaching of writing skills should take place in two six-hour contiguous days. We do offer abridged one-day seminars if clients require them. There is a maximum of 22 participants.

The all-inclusive cost of our two-day seminars is:  $7250.

The all-inclusive cost of our one-day seminars is: $4650.

Back-to-back one-day seminars are, also: $7250.

There is no charge for planning time, materials,  hotel accommodations, airfare, or any other incidental travel expenses. By carefully monitoring overhead costs, we are able to offer excellence that is affordable.