The Grammar Group began what ultimately became a major success.  Because criticism of the American public school system had become a vocal complaint and employers were unable to overlook the poor grammar and writing skills of vast numbers of their staff members, The Grammar Group was welcomed by corporations across the country. We literally had no competition.  Among the most often repeated statements praising our seminars were, "I wish I'd had you as a teacher in junior or senior high," and "My child's English teacher could certainly use this seminar!"

During the 20 years in which The Grammar Group experienced the pinnacle of its success in the United States (as well as Canada and the United Kingdom), the computer age had its beginnings.  It became clear that business communications were simply no longer being carried out in the same way.  Email--an unknown concept in 1978 when we started--emerged and took over.  And with it came software for nearly every conceivable curriculum, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure.  The trend in corporate America was to eliminate trainer-led programs, replacing them with computer-based training.

Human resources and training departments concentrated on improving employees' computer fluency.  By 2000, The Grammar Group had a handful of competitors, the largest of which focused on public seminars. We experienced a decrease in interest for grammar and business writing programs.  While the competition either closed shop, developed online, computer-oriented programs, or added, among a variety of others, presentation skills, computer programming, marketing technique seminars--whatever the market demanded.. The Grammar Group refused to follow this route and, instead, continually updated the course contents of our small, select list of seminars.  We maintained excellence but learned to live on less income.

Within the past two years, a growing awareness has begun to take place among training and human resources managers and directors.  It is best summarized by one of them:  

  "There are skills that just cannot be effectively taught without an expert--a coach--a teacher present.  One of them is swimming; the other is grammar and writing skills."

And, thus, The Grammar Group is now experiencing a renaissance--a noteworthy and gratifying increase in the demand for our service once again. 

"I never knew a subject as boring as grammar could be made so fascinating!.  This is the best seminar I've ever taken."

"I learned more about spelling and punctuation in those two days than in the 12 years I spent in a parochial school!"
"I didn't look at my watch once.  The instructor held my attention from the introduction straight through to the last minute." 

 "I have always written well.  My employers have praised my letters and email.  But I learned so much from the Write On seminar that I did not know before. Really was time well spent."

"Besides the materials and the notes, we were all given a complete written review of the seminar as we were leaving.  Amazing class!"